From a 1985 Toyota Corolla to the latest model Rolls-Royce. If it rolls we can ship it. If it does not roll we can tow it. If it does not tow we can forklift it. Our roro services are based on one principle: the cheapest possible means to get your RoRo unit from the point of pickup to your destination port. We maximize affordability in our transportation services by providing our clients with multiple vessels lines and access to every available RoRo port sailing to West Africa. In conjunction with our in- land freight services for automobiles we provide the most cost effective package deal to get your vehicle to the port of destination. 

We handle:

  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • High and Heavy (All Categories)
  • Motorcycles
  • High-end vehicles with VIP RoRo Service

Inland trucking (automobiles)

An important element in the system of shipping roro vehicles is inland transportation. If you are paying too much for in-land transporttrucking you are losing money with every vehicle you ship. That is why we have developed a unique system to assist our clients by minimizing their inland trucking charges and preventing non-running/ forklift charges wherever possible. 

Find out about our exclusive list of the auction locations with lowest in-land trucking charges.

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