Logistics services

Customs Clearing

Customs clearing can be one of the most challenging aspects in the logistics process. Certain countries in the West African region make this even more challenging with difficult customs officials, complicated policies, and untrustworthy customs agents.  Our customs clearing services are part of why we are known as the The first complete transport solution to Nigeria and West Africa ; we can tackle the entire process. We simplify the customs clearing process by making your role as easy as receiving your cargo at the desired location.

Logistics Planning

There are many different parties that collaborate in the international freight system. Understanding how to navigate these parties, from customs to operating carriers, is essential to delivering timely results. Let us leverage our knowledge and expertise to bring about your logistics solution.

Do you have a large logistics project in mind? Or a small one with complexities? Consult with us on your shipping project and we can bring tangible results out of your ideas.